My all time favorite show is Joan of Arcadia, which I feel did an excellent job of putting an optimistic and contemporary spin on the historical figure. Even though the show is no longer on the air, I continue to try to coax everyone I know to watch it, often inviting them over to my house for Joan of Arcadia marathons. My hope is that if I can get enough people interested in the old series, than maybe I can start a movement sort of like what happened for Firefly and someone will see the wisdom of making a Joan of Arcadia movie, or better yet, bring the show back as a drama.

A few weeks ago, I had a friend over to watch a few episodes of Joan of Arcadia. Somehow the conversation turned to marijuana and my friend told me that he loves Buzz Liquid Incense, something I’ve never heard of. Curious, I asked for more information.

It turns out that Buzz Liquid Incense is quite similar to K2 incense, something I do know a little something about. Like K2, Buzz Liquid Incense isn’t designed to be used to help with any medical conditions. Its main purpose is to help people relax. According to my friend, who has a high stress job, Buzz Liquid Incense is one of the best products he’s ever used. The other different between buzz and K2 incense is that K2 comes in stick or powder form. Buzz is only available in liquid.

My friend said that he uses buzz every night. He burns a little each night as he’s getting ready to bed. By the time he crawls under the covers, the incense is just about burned up, and his mind is open and ready to rest. All of the little things that bothered him all day long have just melted away. As a result, he’s sleeping better than ever and wakes up each morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Now that the Buzz Liquid Incense is helping him get enough sleep every single night, he’s noticed that his social life has also started to improve. At first, he thought the increased number of dates he went out on each week was just coincidence, but after a while he noticed that he was more relaxed and less self-absorbed which in turn was helping him attract more women.

Since I tend to suffer from insomnia, I decided to try out the Buzz Liquid Incense for myself and see if it really worked. Since using the product, I haven’t noticed any big changes to my personal or social life, but I have noticed that I don’t spend as much time tossing and turning before I go to bed and I wake up feeling more refreshed than I did prior to using the incense.