In 2003, TV viewers around the country discovered the exciting story of Joan of Arcadia. This fantasy drama featured Joan Girardi, a teen with supernatural powers to see and speak with God. Throughout the series, Joan is given various tasks to perform and the show follows her through every conflict she encounters along the way.

To make things even crazier, Joan’s dad works as police detective in a community experiencing a surge in crime. As he works harder than ever to protect his family and neighbors in the community, he is a little unnerved that his daughter is suddenly hearing from God.

So how does Joan balance life as a typical American teenager with performing these missions from God? At first, she keeps it all a secret. Then when she does spill the beans to her softhearted boyfriend, he just claims she is have hallucinations. As Joan tries to find her way through this new supernatural maze, you will laugh, cry, and face some surprises along the way.