I love television and writing and someday I want to move to Hollywood and write scripts for shows like the old Joan of Arcadia series, though I hope whatever show I write lasts longer than that particular one did. Since breaking into the Hollywood television writers seen isn’t easy, I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention onto writing and filming short little skits which I than post on YouTube. I figure if silly music videos can get people like Justin Bieber noticed, then it stands to reason writing skits should help my portfolio. The problem is coming up with new ideas.

A few rainy days ago, I was laying on the couch trying to come up with an idea for a skit when Joan of Arcadia came on. I love that show and feel it got cancelled way to soon. Since it had been awhile since I’d watched it, I let my brain shut down and lost myself in another world. Somewhere along the line I remember how the show inspired me to look up the real Joan of Arcadia and how I’d learned her feet had been burned with lit cigarettes in an attempt to get her to denounce her God. I’ve never done a historical piece before, but suddenly I wanted to write and film that particular event.

Writing the skit didn’t take any time at all, and I have a friend whose mom is always happy to create whatever customers we need. The problem was the friend who agree to play Joan flat out refused to let us anywhere near her feet with a lit cigarette. Considering how easily accidents happen, I guess I really can’t blame her. I was going to have to get creative.

At first I thought we’d just use candy cigarettes. From a distance they look real enough and so I thought they could work, though I wasn’t completely happy about the idea. Then I had another idea. Electronic cigarettes like the ones from http://www.cocktailnerd.com/premium-e-cigarettes-reviews/! I bought a cheap starter kit and my brother and I immediately started working on modding e-cigarettes so that they looked more historically accurate. It took a little time, but I was really happy with the final results. The best thing about modding e-cigarettes was that the practice only changed the appearance of the e cigs. They still worked great and produced a thin stream of vapor that looked just like smoke. When we turned the e cigs on and pressed them to the soles of my friend’s bare feet, she didn’t notice any discomfort at all. We were able to get the camera lens right down at her feet and get great close up shots.

I’m editing the skit right now, and I’ve got to say, I can’t believe how great they look. I think my next project is going to be set during the 1930’s when everyone smoked heavily. I’m prettying sure I should be able to find the vaporizers that look the part, but if not, my brother and I are now modding e-cigarettes experts and can create the look we want.