Netflix Shows Are the Way to Go!

When we got rid of cable several years ago, I wondered if we really would miss it. We had a satellite dish for several years but due to budget constraints, we had to let something go. We had trimmed every other expense we could, and the only thing left was satellite television. We decided to go with Netflix streaming content and we haven’t looked back.

One of the first things I did was start adding programs to our list, that way we didn’t have to search for them all the time. I found educational programs for the kids, several of their favorite shows that they already watched on Dish, and several new things that they ended up loving to watch. My husband and I found several dramas that we had never watched, as well as some of our favorites that we had never watched from the first episode. We love watching a series from beginning to end, and seeing how the characters develop over time.

I love that there are no commercials, and that we can watch a show without them. I love that my kids aren’t seeing tons of advertisements for things to fuel the “I-wants, ” either. One of the great things is that we can use Linnet for homeschooling as well. We have watched several awesome documentaries on different subjects that we are learning about in school that have really enhanced the lesson. I also like that I can set the ratings so the kids can’t watch things we don’t want them to see.

If you are thinking about ditching cable for Netflix, don’t worry about not having anything to watch. We don’t lack for programming at all!


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