British Dramas Everyone Should Watch

When it comes to television, no one does it quite as well as the British. While comedy is their true forte, the BBC currently has three different dramas that everyone should be watching


No show has more people frustrated than the modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock comes from the genius minds of Moffat and Gatiss (who plays the role of Mycroft Holmes). The show is set in modern day London. Benedict Cumberbatch (40 Something, Amazing Grace) plays Holmes while Martin Freeman (The Office, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) is the long suffering Watson. The pair does an excellent job of showing exactly how brilliant Sherlock really is. The only problem, the long two year wait between series.


This is another example of how well classic literature does when it’s adapted to the small screen. This series has it all: assassination attempts, an evil Cardinal, innuendo, romance, swordplay, and some great dialogue. Although the series recently lost the brilliant performance of Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who) the second series has just started and the show is proving to be just as good during now as it was during its first run.


When the first promo of Broadchurch aired, the first thing people noticed was that starred a lot of Doctor Who cast members. Most people expected it to be a comedy, but ten minutes into the first episode, people forgot all about Doctor Who and became engrossed in the murder mystery. This is a show that encourages binge watching. It features compelling performances, fantastic writing, and great scenery. The show has just started it’s second series and fans seem to be just as impressed with the sophomore effort as they were with the first round.

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