Some Of My Favorite TV Shows

When it comes to the television there are always going to be mixed reviews and shows that flop. But there are also a good many shows that make a huge impact. I would like to share some of the shows that have made an impression on me. At the young age of 4 I can still remember the show called Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson made the show and it was similar to the Muppets but it was more in depth than the Muppets. I also remember loving the TV show called Saved By The Bell. It was a staple for most young people as we got the chance to look at sexy and pretty teens. I liked Kelly but other people would like Zach. But apart from those types of shows there are a few others that I can vividly remember and I know that they have had a serious impact on culture and the people. Here are 3 of them. Cheers, NYPD Blue, and Oz.

Now of those three shows, 2 of them were on network shows. Oz was a show that was available only on HBO. Cheers ran for several years and it actually led to the spin off show known as Frasier. It was about a bar and the people that always came to the bar. It touched a lot of people. NYPD Blue was a cop drama that really pushed the envelope. However it is Oz that I will always remember. It was a show all about prison life. It was hardcore, brutal, and very mature. It showed a lot of drug use, a ton of bad language, and many different sexual scenes. It was very mature to be honest.

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