In 2003, TV viewers around the country discovered the exciting story of Joan of Arcadia. This fantasy drama featured Joan Girardi, a teen with supernatural powers to see and speak with God. Throughout the series, Joan is given various tasks to perform and the show follows her through every conflict she encounters along the way.

To make things even crazier, Joan’s dad works as police detective in a community experiencing a surge in crime. As he works harder than ever to protect his family and neighbors in the community, he is a little unnerved that his daughter is suddenly hearing from God.

So how does Joan balance life as a typical American teenager with performing these missions from God? At first, she keeps it all a secret. Then when she does spill the beans to her softhearted boyfriend, he just claims she is have hallucinations. As Joan tries to find her way through this new supernatural maze, you will laugh, cry, and face some surprises along the way.

I love television and writing and someday I want to move to Hollywood and write scripts for shows like the old Joan of Arcadia series, though I hope whatever show I write lasts longer than that particular one did. Since breaking into the Hollywood television writers seen isn’t easy, I’ve been focusing a lot of my attention onto writing and filming short little skits which I than post on YouTube. I figure if silly music videos can get people like Justin Bieber noticed, then it stands to reason writing skits should help my portfolio. The problem is coming up with new ideas.

A few rainy days ago, I was laying on the couch trying to come up with an idea for a skit when Joan of Arcadia came on. I love that show and feel it got cancelled way to soon. Since it had been awhile since I’d watched it, I let my brain shut down and lost myself in another world. Somewhere along the line I remember how the show inspired me to look up the real Joan of Arcadia and how I’d learned her feet had been burned with lit cigarettes in an attempt to get her to denounce her God. I’ve never done a historical piece before, but suddenly I wanted to write and film that particular event.

Writing the skit didn’t take any time at all, and I have a friend whose mom is always happy to create whatever customers we need. The problem was the friend who agree to play Joan flat out refused to let us anywhere near her feet with a lit cigarette. Considering how easily accidents happen, I guess I really can’t blame her. I was going to have to get creative.

At first I thought we’d just use candy cigarettes. From a distance they look real enough and so I thought they could work, though I wasn’t completely happy about the idea. Then I had another idea. Electronic cigarettes like the ones from! I bought a cheap starter kit and my brother and I immediately started working on modding e-cigarettes so that they looked more historically accurate. It took a little time, but I was really happy with the final results. The best thing about modding e-cigarettes was that the practice only changed the appearance of the e cigs. They still worked great and produced a thin stream of vapor that looked just like smoke. When we turned the e cigs on and pressed them to the soles of my friend’s bare feet, she didn’t notice any discomfort at all. We were able to get the camera lens right down at her feet and get great close up shots.

I’m editing the skit right now, and I’ve got to say, I can’t believe how great they look. I think my next project is going to be set during the 1930’s when everyone smoked heavily. I’m prettying sure I should be able to find the vaporizers that look the part, but if not, my brother and I are now modding e-cigarettes experts and can create the look we want.

Maybe you have a Netflix account and you would like to be able to view a specific show or movie but it is not listed. This can be very frustrating when you consider the fact that you are paying for a subscription and you most likely have a few things in mind that you would like to see. While this can be very upsetting, there are a few ways that you can make a special request to the employees at Netflix. This may be exactly what you need to do in order to have access to your favorite shows.

Start by visiting the Netflix website. You will find the opportunity to speak with a customer support representative through an online chat. This will give you the ability to let the representative know what you would like to see. They may be times when the representative can tell you if and when a specific show will be available. You may even find that the show you want is already available but it is not available with the subscription that you have. If you find out this information you may only need to change your plan. The representative will be able to help you do this.

Another option that is available to you would be related to making a phone call to Netflix and speaking with a representative that way. All you have to do is ask the representative to order a specific title. They will not be able to carry out this request immediately but they will be able to send this request to the proper department. Ask the representative if they are able to tell you when the request may take place, or if there is a plan to make your request available in the future.

Have you ever heard of Netflix? What a stupid question, of course you have. However, for those who may not know, here is a brief rundown of Netflix. This company is an international provider of internet on-demand and flowing media. Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997. In 1999, they began a program known as “single rent model”. You could rent a single movie for as long as you wanted and when you returned it, you could rent another one in this monthly subscription. Netflix was the start of a style of movie watching that other companies embraced, and would eventually put stores like Blockbuster out of business.

I signed up for Netflix about 2 years ago. After some intense begging from the kiddos, I caved into the pressure. I reluctantly signed onto the website and began browsing the program. I found it to be a great value at just $10.99 per month. I would hardly notice it, right? It turns out, my Netflix account gets about as much use as my gym membership (which is a lot higher than $10.99/month). I estimate that we have collectively used our Netflix account for a total of 20 hours over the last two years. A bulk of that was a Law and Order marathon during flu season, last year. So, in 24 months, I have paid $263.76, respectively. At my estimated usage of 20 hours, I have paid approximately $13.19 per hour long episode of Law and Order (and the few hours allocated to children’s programming). It is not sounding like that much of a deal anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Netflix is a great concept—a multitude of movies on demand. It is a good idea for a person or persons that live in front of their television and seemingly have no life. The main reason I did not use Netflix is simply that I spent my time finishing graduate school, raising children and working. The times I would be able to view Netflix are occupied by sleeping. Netflix is designed to entertain “couch potatoes”.

When we got rid of cable several years ago, I wondered if we really would miss it. We had a satellite dish for several years but due to budget constraints, we had to let something go. We had trimmed every other expense we could, and the only thing left was satellite television. We decided to go with Netflix streaming content and we haven’t looked back.

One of the first things I did was start adding programs to our list, that way we didn’t have to search for them all the time. I found educational programs for the kids, several of their favorite shows that they already watched on Dish, and several new things that they ended up loving to watch. My husband and I found several dramas that we had never watched, as well as some of our favorites that we had never watched from the first episode. We love watching a series from beginning to end, and seeing how the characters develop over time.

I love that there are no commercials, and that we can watch a show without them. I love that my kids aren’t seeing tons of advertisements for things to fuel the “I-wants, ” either. One of the great things is that we can use Linnet for homeschooling as well. We have watched several awesome documentaries on different subjects that we are learning about in school that have really enhanced the lesson. I also like that I can set the ratings so the kids can’t watch things we don’t want them to see.

If you are thinking about ditching cable for Netflix, don’t worry about not having anything to watch. We don’t lack for programming at all!

When it comes to TV shows, anyone who hasn’t watched any British programs doesn’t know what they are missing. Since the early ‘70’s, BBC has continually managed to produce shows that outclass everything the Americans have managed to create, and it’s a trend that doesn’t show signs of changing anytime soon. Here are some excellent BBC shows you should watch.


When the powers behind the BBC hit, Sherlock, decided to not only contemporize Conan Doyle’s stories but also cast the actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martian Freeman in the famous roles, they had know idea that they were starting a craze. The show is a hit all around the world, an impressive feat considering there are only 9 episodes. The show uses a great deal of dry humor and strong characterizations to continually attract more fans.


Broadchurch is a show that any fan of murder mysteries will be drawn to. Strong writing combined with a talented cast make this a show that you simply can’t stop watching. Viewers will enjoy seeing how the murder of one person can tear a small, tight knit community apart, while exposing all kinds of grim, life shattering secrets. An American version of the show was attempted. It was called Grace Point and did not perform as well as Broadchurch.

Waiting For God

Waiting for God was a show that ran during the mid-90’s and was a very successful comedy. The show follows the lives of two pensioners who are living out the rest of their lives a retirement community. To pass the time, the pair explore love, faith, crusade for good causes, and create chaos everywhere they go.

These three shows are a great introduction to everything BBC television has to offer. Once you have watched them, you’ll never be happy with American television again!

Am I the only one who thinks that kid’s shows today are much weirder than they were when we were kids? I am not that old, so I do remember that there were some strange shows on when I was a kid, but I never really watched them. It’s not that I thought that my shows were better than the ones that other kids watched, but I was only allowed to watch shows on the regular networks. Well, more accurately, I only watched shows on the national networks because we never had cable growing up.

Now that I am older, I am glad that my parents never let me watch those cable channels for kids. I have great memories of the kid’s shows I watched on PBS and I loved all of the shows that they had to offer way back when. Now that I have kids of my own, I am glad that they still offer great shows for kids to watch. That being said, we don’t limit our television watching to network television anymore.

We have subscription television as well and I have seen some of the shows that are offered on a few of the cable channels. While I might let my son watch a few of them, there are some that I just cannot stand. Not necessarily because I don’t think the content is appropriate, but mostly because the characters are annoying, or the theme songs hurt my ears. Either I am a normal parent to think these shows are weird, or perhaps I am just getting older. Whatever the reason, I am glad there are still a few somewhat normal kid shows still on television.

When it comes to television, no one does it quite as well as the British. While comedy is their true forte, the BBC currently has three different dramas that everyone should be watching


No show has more people frustrated than the modern retelling of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock comes from the genius minds of Moffat and Gatiss (who plays the role of Mycroft Holmes). The show is set in modern day London. Benedict Cumberbatch (40 Something, Amazing Grace) plays Holmes while Martin Freeman (The Office, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) is the long suffering Watson. The pair does an excellent job of showing exactly how brilliant Sherlock really is. The only problem, the long two year wait between series.


This is another example of how well classic literature does when it’s adapted to the small screen. This series has it all: assassination attempts, an evil Cardinal, innuendo, romance, swordplay, and some great dialogue. Although the series recently lost the brilliant performance of Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who) the second series has just started and the show is proving to be just as good during now as it was during its first run.


When the first promo of Broadchurch aired, the first thing people noticed was that starred a lot of Doctor Who cast members. Most people expected it to be a comedy, but ten minutes into the first episode, people forgot all about Doctor Who and became engrossed in the murder mystery. This is a show that encourages binge watching. It features compelling performances, fantastic writing, and great scenery. The show has just started it’s second series and fans seem to be just as impressed with the sophomore effort as they were with the first round.

When it comes to the television there are always going to be mixed reviews and shows that flop. But there are also a good many shows that make a huge impact. I would like to share some of the shows that have made an impression on me. At the young age of 4 I can still remember the show called Fraggle Rock. Jim Henson made the show and it was similar to the Muppets but it was more in depth than the Muppets. I also remember loving the TV show called Saved By The Bell. It was a staple for most young people as we got the chance to look at sexy and pretty teens. I liked Kelly but other people would like Zach. But apart from those types of shows there are a few others that I can vividly remember and I know that they have had a serious impact on culture and the people. Here are 3 of them. Cheers, NYPD Blue, and Oz.

Now of those three shows, 2 of them were on network shows. Oz was a show that was available only on HBO. Cheers ran for several years and it actually led to the spin off show known as Frasier. It was about a bar and the people that always came to the bar. It touched a lot of people. NYPD Blue was a cop drama that really pushed the envelope. However it is Oz that I will always remember. It was a show all about prison life. It was hardcore, brutal, and very mature. It showed a lot of drug use, a ton of bad language, and many different sexual scenes. It was very mature to be honest.

My all time favorite show is Joan of Arcadia, which I feel did an excellent job of putting an optimistic and contemporary spin on the historical figure. Even though the show is no longer on the air, I continue to try to coax everyone I know to watch it, often inviting them over to my house for Joan of Arcadia marathons. My hope is that if I can get enough people interested in the old series, than maybe I can start a movement sort of like what happened for Firefly and someone will see the wisdom of making a Joan of Arcadia movie, or better yet, bring the show back as a drama.

A few weeks ago, I had a friend over to watch a few episodes of Joan of Arcadia. Somehow the conversation turned to marijuana and my friend told me that he loves Buzz Liquid Incense, something I’ve never heard of. Curious, I asked for more information.

It turns out that Buzz Liquid Incense is quite similar to K2 incense, something I do know a little something about. Like K2, Buzz Liquid Incense isn’t designed to be used to help with any medical conditions. Its main purpose is to help people relax. According to my friend, who has a high stress job, Buzz Liquid Incense is one of the best products he’s ever used. The other different between buzz and K2 incense is that K2 comes in stick or powder form. Buzz is only available in liquid.

My friend said that he uses buzz every night. He burns a little each night as he’s getting ready to bed. By the time he crawls under the covers, the incense is just about burned up, and his mind is open and ready to rest. All of the little things that bothered him all day long have just melted away. As a result, he’s sleeping better than ever and wakes up each morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Now that the Buzz Liquid Incense is helping him get enough sleep every single night, he’s noticed that his social life has also started to improve. At first, he thought the increased number of dates he went out on each week was just coincidence, but after a while he noticed that he was more relaxed and less self-absorbed which in turn was helping him attract more women.

Since I tend to suffer from insomnia, I decided to try out the Buzz Liquid Incense for myself and see if it really worked. Since using the product, I haven’t noticed any big changes to my personal or social life, but I have noticed that I don’t spend as much time tossing and turning before I go to bed and I wake up feeling more refreshed than I did prior to using the incense.

Television has been around for a long time and many of us spend quite a few hours in a week watching television. These days it seems that the only thing on television is either reality tv or sit coms that are full of things we don’t want our teens infiltrated with. I try to sit down with my daughter and watch what she is watching to make sure that it is good for her. If there is something in question, we typically talk about why it is wrong and make sure she understands that not everything you see on television is correct. My girl is bright but others may not be so bright and may think that life happens just like it does on television, so be careful what you let your teens watch.

The best shows for teens on television these days, in my personal opinion are the oldies. I love watching and letting my teen watch Little House on The Prairie, The Walton’s, and The Andy Griffith Show. If you want to watch a new show that has the same types of principals and morals demonstrated as the older ones, I would recommend When Calls The Heart. We love to watch this show together as a family and enjoy every minute of it together. You don’t have to worry about your teenager learning anything but good from these types of shows and in a world that is full of evil that is saying a lot.

One thing I would recommend is that you spend time with your teen watching any show he or she is interested in and then talking about why it is good or bad together. And if all else fails, you can always count on Joan of Arcadia for family friendly entertainment!