As a child I don’t remember my parents taking us out to movies or going anywhere else that might cost money. They were pretty low key and saved money on entertainment by creating fun things to do at home without us even realizing that we were missing out on anything. Not that we did really. I always had fun at home with mom and dad. One of the best times I can remember is when we would watch television on Friday and Saturday nights and my dad would make popcorn. Some days we would just eat popcorn and apples for dinner.

Now that I am older and on my own, I like to turn on some of those old TV shows and remember the good old day. I love that there are cable channels that show old TV shows that I watched and loved as a child. I don’t feel that old, so it is weird to see these shows and think that they were first on the air over twenty years ago. I also really like to watch shows that I watched as a kid and they were old TV shows then.

For some reason, I have a very fond memory of getting ready for swim practice and watching The Monkees on television. I am not sure why I loved that show so much. Oh yeah, I had a huge crush on Davey Jones! Today, when I am flipping through channels, I sometimes catch an old episode of this show and remember back when I watched it as a kid. The television I watched it on, a 13 inch black and white, was a lot different back then too. Oh, the memories!

So as you can probably tell, I am a girl that likes to have fun. I typically enjoy spending the night with friends and good food. I love to go explore the town and I absolutely adore the club scene. But there is one night that will always stick out in my mind. The night that I received my very first kiss is a night that will always stand out. It was a night that started out like any other. I was spending the night with my best friend Jenny. She and I had been friends for most of our life and we were inseparable. She had invited me over to watch out favorite show on TV. Joan of Arcadia was running a marathon and we were planning on watching it all night. I am not sure how the plans changed but they did. After a few hours at the house a gang of boys interrupted us and the night quickly changed.

The show was great and we were having a great night but the guys wanted to spend the night partying. Soon the music was loud and the drinks were flowing. Of course, by drinks I mean Pepsi. Anyway, the songs slowed down and the conversations began. Soon I was talking with George and we just hit it off. Before I knew it he was leaning in for a kiss and I found myself bracing for the first kiss of my life. I was 16 and I was so excited. I had always been told that it would happen when you least expect it. Boy was I surprised that my first kiss came while watching Joan of Arcadia.

Fans of television shows are never happy when their favorite show comes to an end. This is especially true of shows like Joan of Arcadia that get canceled way to soon. The good news is that just because Joan of Arcadia is no longer on the air, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

The great thing about living in this day and age is that you can watch your favorite shows over and over again on DVD. Not only will you be able to watch them by yourself, but you can also invite some of your friends over and have a Joan of Arcadia night where you eat pizza, watch back to back episodes and discuss all the various reasons it’s not fair that the show got canceled. Having a Joan of Arcadia DVD playing when friends and family members stop by is a great way to create new show fans. After a few minutes of casual viewing they will be hooked and demand the rest of your discs.

When you go online you’re bound to find entire virtual communities created by fans of Joan of Arcadia that welcome additional fans. You won’t believe how many friends you make. This can be a great way to start planning a convention or petitioning for a movie to be made.

Just because the series ended, it doesn’t mean the stories have to. There are lots of fanfiction sites where you can post the stories you created and read the stories written by others. It won’t be long before you’ve fallen in love with the characters all over again. You might find you like writing fan fiction even more than you like watching the show.

Every few years a show comes along that, for some reason, doesn’t see to perform as well as it should. Examples of these shows include:

• Pushing Daisies-only lasted two seasons

• Life on Mars-only aired for two very short seasons

• Smash-two seasons of musical delight

• Firefly-the Fox network only played 11 episodes, though the actors did reunite to make a movie, Serenity, which helped give fans some closure.

• Star Trek, the Original Series-CBS tried to cancel the show after two seasons, but fans convinced them to run a third season. Later, the cast reunited to make several movies

• Joan of Arcadia-Despite great critical review, the show only aired for two seasons on CBS. Most people believe it should have lasted longer.

Looking back it’s difficult to understand why some of these shows failed. The fan bases for both Star Trek and Firefly are huge. How can any show capable of having multiple conventions a year not have been a success for the networks? What people don’t understand is that while these shows seem successful now, most of the fans found the shows long after they were canceled. At the time the shows aired, they didn’t have the number of fans needed to bring in sponsors.

Other shows received critical claim, but tended to be a little to abstract for the network that aired the show. Joan of Arcadia probably would have done very well had it aired on HBO or the CW, but it’s likely that a fantasy series, that’s very loosely based on a real life historical figure, that explores a teenage relationship with God probably wasn’t a good fit for CBS viewers.

When people first heard that CBS was going to be airing a show called Joan of Arc, they assumed they would be seeing a historical show that would follow the amazing life and times of the historical figure who fought in the 100 Year War and was executed for her beliefs.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that CBS’s show wasn’t gong to quite meet their expectations. There were some similarities. The character of Joan did speak to God, something which altered her choices and directed the characters life. The same happened to Joan of Arc who had claimed form a very young age to hear God in her head, and believed herself to be doing his bidding, a belief she held onto until the day she was executed.

Joan of Arcadia takes place during contemporary times, not the middle ages, which was when Joan of Arc led troops into battle.

The real life Joan of Arc lived in France, and grew up on a farm before going into battle. While the life of the show’s character hasn’t been easy, it had very little in common with the impoverished historical figure.

Joan of Arcadia shares a close bond with her family. Many of the conversations she has with God, have roots in her love of family. While there’s nothing to suggest that Joan of Arc didn’t have strong bond with her own family, her choices forced her to leave them. There would have been large periods of time when she wouldn’t have any contact with them.

Even though it’s not the historical piece many people expected, during the two years Joan of Arcadia aired it proved itself to be a well plotted, compelling drama about an interesting character.

Amber Tamblyn was the talented young actor who scored the role of Joan of Arcadia that was aired on CBS from 2003-2005. The role provided Amber with the opportunity to portray the life of a real life historical figure who fought and died during the 100 Year War.

Although the show is obviously supposed to be based on the life of Joan of Arc, it doesn’t take long to realize there are some pretty obvious differences. Including the fact that the show takes place in Maine, not France, and that it has a very modern setting.

Before she was cast in the role of Joan of Arc, Amber had the opportunity to play another powerful character. Fans of daytime television will always remember the feisty California native as the teenage Emily Quartermaine, granddaughter of Port Charles patriarch Edward Quartermaine on the long running soap opera, General Hospital. The other role she’s well known for is as a member of the ensemble cast that starred in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

While Amber played the lead role on the fantasy series, it was the person who played her bother that had the most name recognition. The role went to Jason Ritter, son of the late, great John Ritter. Fans of the show quickly realized that Jason inherited a great deal of his father’s talent and brilliant smile. They have high hopes that he will soon become a break out star in his own right.

Fans of the show were delighted to see former Disney star and pop princess, Hillary Duff, and star of the 80’s sitcom Cheers, Shelley Long, make guest appearances on Joan of Arcadia.

The television show, Joan of Arcadia, was based on the very real life of Joan Girardi. When you think about the woman, and the time that she lived, it’s amazing that no one thought to create a television series about her life long before 2003.

Joan of Arcadia was born the daughter of a farmer, but the farming life wasn’t for her. Whenever she was able to escape the fields, she could be found in the church, praying. It’s difficult to tell if Joan’s peers knew she was going to someday change the world, but based on the information historians have been able to piece together, everyone knew she was different, that the relationship she shared with God was special.

Joan did more than just pray. She believed God spoke directly to her and was instructing her down a very specific path. She connected with the current Queen of France, who believed Joan of Arc to be exactly the right person to lead the French Army against the Burgundians in what history would eventually remember as the 100 year war. Joan, often dressed as a man, was responsible for several victories before she was eventually captured. She fought alongside the troops she led, often putting herself on the front line, and never wavered, not even when she was severely wounded.

There was nothing fair about Joan’s trial. The Burgundians tortured her into making confessions she never would have made on her own. Despite the increasingly severe forms of torture, Joan held onto her unflagging belief in God right up to the very end.

Joan’s life ended when she was burned at the stake. She was canonized in 1920.

In 2003, TV viewers around the country discovered the exciting story of Joan of Arcadia. This fantasy drama featured Joan Girardi, a teen with supernatural powers to see and speak with God. Throughout the series, Joan is given various tasks to perform and the show follows her through every conflict she encounters along the way.

To make things even crazier, Joan’s dad works as police detective in a community experiencing a surge in crime. As he works harder than ever to protect his family and neighbors in the community, he is a little unnerved that his daughter is suddenly hearing from God.

So how does Joan balance life as a typical American teenager with performing these missions from God? At first, she keeps it all a secret. Then when she does spill the beans to her softhearted boyfriend, he just claims she is have hallucinations. As Joan tries to find her way through this new supernatural maze, you will laugh, cry, and face some surprises along the way.