Is Netflix a Good Choice?

Have you ever heard of Netflix? What a stupid question, of course you have. However, for those who may not know, here is a brief rundown of Netflix. This company is an international provider of internet on-demand and flowing media. Marc Randolph founded Netflix in 1997. In 1999, they began a program known as “single rent model”. You could rent a single movie for as long as you wanted and when you returned it, you could rent another one in this monthly subscription. Netflix was the start of a style of movie watching that other companies embraced, and would eventually put stores like Blockbuster out of business.

I signed up for Netflix about 2 years ago. After some intense begging from the kiddos, I caved into the pressure. I reluctantly signed onto the website and began browsing the program. I found it to be a great value at just $10.99 per month. I would hardly notice it, right? It turns out, my Netflix account gets about as much use as my gym membership (which is a lot higher than $10.99/month). I estimate that we have collectively used our Netflix account for a total of 20 hours over the last two years. A bulk of that was a Law and Order marathon during flu season, last year. So, in 24 months, I have paid $263.76, respectively. At my estimated usage of 20 hours, I have paid approximately $13.19 per hour long episode of Law and Order (and the few hours allocated to children’s programming). It is not sounding like that much of a deal anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Netflix is a great concept—a multitude of movies on demand. It is a good idea for a person or persons that live in front of their television and seemingly have no life. The main reason I did not use Netflix is simply that I spent my time finishing graduate school, raising children and working. The times I would be able to view Netflix are occupied by sleeping. Netflix is designed to entertain “couch potatoes”.