Three Examples of High Quality British TV Shows

When it comes to TV shows, anyone who hasn’t watched any British programs doesn’t know what they are missing. Since the early ‘70’s, BBC has continually managed to produce shows that outclass everything the Americans have managed to create, and it’s a trend that doesn’t show signs of changing anytime soon. Here are some excellent BBC shows you should watch.


When the powers behind the BBC hit, Sherlock, decided to not only contemporize Conan Doyle’s stories but also cast the actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martian Freeman in the famous roles, they had know idea that they were starting a craze. The show is a hit all around the world, an impressive feat considering there are only 9 episodes. The show uses a great deal of dry humor and strong characterizations to continually attract more fans.


Broadchurch is a show that any fan of murder mysteries will be drawn to. Strong writing combined with a talented cast make this a show that you simply can’t stop watching. Viewers will enjoy seeing how the murder of one person can tear a small, tight knit community apart, while exposing all kinds of grim, life shattering secrets. An American version of the show was attempted. It was called Grace Point and did not perform as well as Broadchurch.

Waiting For God

Waiting for God was a show that ran during the mid-90’s and was a very successful comedy. The show follows the lives of two pensioners who are living out the rest of their lives a retirement community. To pass the time, the pair explore love, faith, crusade for good causes, and create chaos everywhere they go.

These three shows are a great introduction to everything BBC television has to offer. Once you have watched them, you’ll never be happy with American television again!

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