Kids TV Shows Are Weird

Am I the only one who thinks that kid’s shows today are much weirder than they were when we were kids? I am not that old, so I do remember that there were some strange shows on when I was a kid, but I never really watched them. It’s not that I thought that my shows were better than the ones that other kids watched, but I was only allowed to watch shows on the regular networks. Well, more accurately, I only watched shows on the national networks because we never had cable growing up.

Now that I am older, I am glad that my parents never let me watch those cable channels for kids. I have great memories of the kid’s shows I watched on PBS and I loved all of the shows that they had to offer way back when. Now that I have kids of my own, I am glad that they still offer great shows for kids to watch. That being said, we don’t limit our television watching to network television anymore.

We have subscription television as well and I have seen some of the shows that are offered on a few of the cable channels. While I might let my son watch a few of them, there are some that I just cannot stand. Not necessarily because I don’t think the content is appropriate, but mostly because the characters are annoying, or the theme songs hurt my ears. Either I am a normal parent to think these shows are weird, or perhaps I am just getting older. Whatever the reason, I am glad there are still a few somewhat normal kid shows still on television.

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