Thank You Cable Television!

As a child I don’t remember my parents taking us out to movies or going anywhere else that might cost money. They were pretty low key and saved money on entertainment by creating fun things to do at home without us even realizing that we were missing out on anything. Not that we did really. I always had fun at home with mom and dad. One of the best times I can remember is when we would watch television on Friday and Saturday nights and my dad would make popcorn. Some days we would just eat popcorn and apples for dinner.

Now that I am older and on my own, I like to turn on some of those old TV shows and remember the good old day. I love that there are cable channels that show old TV shows that I watched and loved as a child. I don’t feel that old, so it is weird to see these shows and think that they were first on the air over twenty years ago. I also really like to watch shows that I watched as a kid and they were old TV shows then.

For some reason, I have a very fond memory of getting ready for swim practice and watching The Monkees on television. I am not sure why I loved that show so much. Oh yeah, I had a huge crush on Davey Jones! Today, when I am flipping through channels, I sometimes catch an old episode of this show and remember back when I watched it as a kid. The television I watched it on, a 13 inch black and white, was a lot different back then too. Oh, the memories!

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