How Joan of Arcadia Differs from Joan of Arc

When people first heard that CBS was going to be airing a show called Joan of Arc, they assumed they would be seeing a historical show that would follow the amazing life and times of the historical figure who fought in the 100 Year War and was executed for her beliefs.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that CBS’s show wasn’t gong to quite meet their expectations. There were some similarities. The character of Joan did speak to God, something which altered her choices and directed the characters life. The same happened to Joan of Arc who had claimed form a very young age to hear God in her head, and believed herself to be doing his bidding, a belief she held onto until the day she was executed.

Joan of Arcadia takes place during contemporary times, not the middle ages, which was when Joan of Arc led troops into battle.

The real life Joan of Arc lived in France, and grew up on a farm before going into battle. While the life of the show’s character hasn’t been easy, it had very little in common with the impoverished historical figure.

Joan of Arcadia shares a close bond with her family. Many of the conversations she has with God, have roots in her love of family. While there’s nothing to suggest that Joan of Arc didn’t have strong bond with her own family, her choices forced her to leave them. There would have been large periods of time when she wouldn’t have any contact with them.

Even though it’s not the historical piece many people expected, during the two years Joan of Arcadia aired it proved itself to be a well plotted, compelling drama about an interesting character.

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